It took me a long period of time to finally find my passion for filmmaking. I was born in a small town in the northeast of China. During my childhood, I watched tons of Japanese animation, and I was deeply attracted by the beautiful pictures and the stories of fantasy. I dreamed of becoming an animator, but when I started to learn animation, I found it is not my calling. I want to tell stories but I don't really like drawing. I was struggling,but at that time I got a chance to help my friends edit their dance videos. Suddenly I found a whole new world!

Because of my drawing background and a very visual view and interesting way of composing in my head, editing was a perfect fit for me. I know a lot of about Chinese and Japanese culture, and I do have a sense and passion for making mixed culture works. I also like to build very stylized things in my films. I always pay attention to every detail so I can show everyone all the beautiful things in the world.